Steve Denning Nails It on Forbes: Paradigm Shift in Leadership and Management

Photo courtesy of Forbes / Steve Denning

  Steve Denning — one of those I look up to — was kind enough to include my book Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization as an example of recent literature that is helping to redefine leadership and management in the organization in his Forbes piece entitled, “The Management Revolution That’s Already Happening“. […]

Air Canada Isn’t Collaborating With Its Employees


Early on in my career I took my first business trip to North Carolina where I participated in a ‘higher education’ conference. No, the conference wasn’t on the airplane although we were ‘higher’. Because it was North Carolina there was even a pig roast. Sadly, I couldn’t find an apple. To get from Vancouver to […]

The Star Wars Mentoring Program


We could learn a thing or two from Star Wars. Take for example what happens when you forget to brush your teeth, floss or use mouthwash. No one wants green slime oozing out of their mouth like Jabba the Hutt. I think some of it might have actually fallen on Princess Leia when she was […]

An Example of the Flat Army CLAM in Action: BC Ideas2Action


I’m not a very political man. You may even call me apolitical. I always vote, but I often vote based on the issues versus being tied to a political party. I’m politically Neapolitan. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about a good story that involves Government, regardless of your or my political stripes. […]

Puppetry of the Meanest


Corporate bullies. I’m fed up with them. In 2006, Sarah J. Tracy, Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik and Jess K. Alberts published an influential paper entitled “Metaphors of Workplace Bullying: Nightmares, Demons, and Slaves: Exploring the Painful” in the Management Communication Quarterly. In it the authors note: Based on qualitative data gathered from focus groups, narrative interviews, and […]