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Fear Not

March 7, 2018

To the dreamer who fears the shadow of failure, step into the light of certain imperfections. ~Dan Pontefract


December 1, 2017

(K)NOW WHEN Love is needed in the now, But now will not be again. Ask yourself, “Where art thou?” And know right now is when.    

Sweet Spot Synergy

March 20, 2017

[clear-line] Sweet Spot Synergy   Purpose beckons you Seek meaning in work and life The sweet spot is there   ~ Dan Pontefract [clear-line]

In Progress 

November 17, 2016

IN PROGRESS  Peace or pain is a simple choice.  Ironically, life’s embankment protects while simultaneously eroding. Does a river run through me? Is chivalry only found upstream? Surely it is … Continue reading “In Progress “

That Laugh

October 28, 2016

Not so much a cackle but a chortle Gleefully bellowing like a bird in spring. It was welcoming and free That laugh. Did your beguiling smile arrive before or after? … Continue reading “That Laugh”

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