February 15, 2018

For The Love Of

Love is not an illusion but an intrusion

Of the soul, the heart and the mind.

Love is not for sale but to set sail

To unknown ports with someone so kind.


Love is not the answer but the beginning

Of mistakes, of questions and of hilarity.

Love is not a sentence but an endless book

Full of tragedy, hope, success and charity.


Love is not solely one to one but one to many

For love is a state of mind in all that you are.

Love is not hiding but begging to be seen

In the shadows, the light, the near and the far.


Love is not a secret but a truth to uphold

By its most important ally of days anew.

Love is not in flight if you somehow forget

That love is only love when you finally love you.


<For my children, the goats>


Image courtesy Johan Hansson

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