Employees have been sent to work from home by the millions, with many having no idea where to start. Dan has worked from home for 18 years and has learned a few tricks. This 6-part video series (and corresponding job aids) will help anyone now working from home.

Free or by donation through SQUARE, where 20% of the proceeds go to charities dealing with the COVID-19 disease.

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In light of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Dan has put together a comprehensive REMOTE LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT, an online compendium of videos, job-aids, articles and other goodies developed by him to help organizations and leaders with the switch to working from home.

Free or by donation through SQUARE, where 20% of the proceeds go to charities dealing with the COVID-19 disease.

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The Pontefract Group offers several services to assist your organization or team with its culture and engagement strategy as well as any leadership development requirements.


  • A 3-4 month asynchronous exercise to assess where your culture sits & where it could go.
  • Three key actions within the assessment:
    • 1:1 executive interviews
    • Employee focus groups
    • Enterprise-wide surveying
  • It can also be used to assess whether your organization is ready for a “flexible work” culture and way of operating.
  • End result? An executive analysis report chock full of where the culture lies in addition to recommendations on what to change over the short, medium and long-term.
  • Includes a face-to-face kickoff meeting and face-to-face final presentation. All other assessment actions can be conducted remotely.
  • Fees: $75,000 + any associated travel costs
  • Past clients include Government of Canada, ICBC, BC Translink, BCLC, Vancouver Airport Authority, TD Bank and LCBO
  • DOWNLOAD the two-page overview of Culture Assessments


  • Five unique half-day, interactive workshops that focus on a specific area of development and/or need
  • Invite up to 20 attendees to each session
  • Workshop #1: How To Be More Collaborative
    • Individuals, teams and organizations that struggle with collaboration will enjoy this no-holds-barred session that assesses and then helps to define better ways of sharing, cooperating, communicating and getting the work done.
    • Attendees leave not only with a better understanding of what constitutes good and bad collaboration, but they also leave with specific, actionable ways in which to improve their individual and/or team approaches.
  • Workshop #2: Developing a Sense of Purpose at Work
    • There are three kinds of purpose: personal, role and organizational/team. In this workshop, attendees will learn about the importance of each type, assessing where they are personally as well as professionally.
    • Attendees leave with a definition of their personal purpose, team purpose, as well as developing an action plan that helps them shift their way of thinking and acting towards the purpose mindset.
  • Workshop #3: The Secrets to Shifting to a Flexible Work Model
    • Prior to shifting to flexible work cultures, leaders and teams should discuss the important aspects that make up such a working environment. It’s not a simple switch.
    • The workshop delves into the specific changes a team (or organization) needs to consider should it shift to flexible work. (e.g. team norms, communication norms, leadership style changes, employee changes, collaboration changes, technology changes + any potential policy changes.)
  • Workshop #4: Getting Better At Creative and Critical Thinking (While Still Doing)
    • People are busy. That doesn’t seem to be changing. We have become experts at doing, but we have forgotten the importance of creative and critical thinking. This session reminds people of their significance.
    • Attendees leave with practical, tactical and actionable ways in which to improve their thinking, assessing where they currently sit, while learning how they can win back time in their calendar.
  • Workshop #5: Nine LEAD. CARE. WIN. Leadership Lessons
    • In concert with the release of Dan’s fourth book, (LEAD. CARE. WIN. How to Become a Leader Who Matters, releasing September29, 2020), this workshop tackles 9 leadership attributes that will help leaders become more human with their leadership style. It is a workshop that delves into the aspects of both leading self and leading others.
    • Attendees leave with tips and techniques to ensure they change the way in which they not only work with others but how they conduct themselves in all of their interactions.
  • Fees: $15,000 + any associated travel costs


  • A series of 90-minute online workshops tailored to your specific needs.
  • Each workshop is delivered through whatever web sharing/meeting tool is appropriate. (Yours or mine.)
  • Each 90-minute segment is made up of Dan speaking to a concept, complemented by live discussion, plus interactive surveying, polling and individual or group activities.
  • The number of 90-minute segments depends on what topic areas you want to cover with your team.
  • Invite up to 25 attendees to each workshop package.
  • Topics and areas of expertise include:
    • Collaboration and Sharing, Purpose and Meaning, Open Thinking, Relatability and Empathy, Focus and Attention, Embracing Change, Curiosity, Decision-Making, Life/Work Balance, Humility as well as Communication and Engagement Tactics
  • Fees: TBD (but to give you an idea, a typical 3-part workshop series which is three 90-minute sessions for 25 people is $15,000. Attendees also receive a copy of one of Dan’s books shipped to their home or office.)


  • Far too many organizations define their values and leave them to rot on the walls, elevators and website pages. Those values need to come off the wall and enacted within the organization’s operating DNA.
  • To make that happen, an updated (or brand new) leadership model is often a key requirement.
  • To develop a leadership model, support services & actions will include:
    • Organization-wide consultation on the current and expected behaviours of employees and leaders
    • Analysis of the organization’s history
    • Agreement and definition of specific leadership attributes that will address the organization’s short and long-term wishes
    • Change management plan, detailing the specific actions that ought to be taken to ensure the updated (or new) leadership model is adopted by all levels of the organization
  • Fees: $TBD + any associated travel costs


  • 60-minute webinars and webcasts are an easy, economical way in which to deliver various leadership and engagement topics to your organization or team
  • Sessions are typically 45-50 minutes of content and 10-15 minutes of open Q&A
  • ZOOM is used for all sessions, an easy to install app or extension. (Zoom can also be used over a web browser.) Laptops, PCs or devices require sound.
  • NOTE: webinars and webcasts are only delivered by Dan, not with any Pontefract Group associates or consultants
  • Fees: $TBD/webinar


  • Executive coaching services are taken on an assessment-only basis
  • Contact Dan directly should you wish to discuss executive coaching
  • NOTE: executive coaching only occurs with Dan, not with any Pontefract Group associates or consultants
  • Fees: $TBD