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Dan Pontefract

Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Thinker and Leadership Strategist

Founder and CEO of The Pontefract Group

With twenty-five plus years of experience helping leaders and organizations shift to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and bottom-line results, Dan Pontefract knows what it takes to make change happen. (Read his full bio.)



Areas of Expertise

  • Assessing organizational culture
  • Leadership development facilitation
  • Developing leadership models
  • Executive coaching
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Analyzing productivity gaps
  • Fostering pervasive learning
  • Improving collaboration practices
  • Shifting to flexible work
  • Defining & enacting purpose
  • Tactics for better thinking
  • Sharing a beer or scotch


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How Dan Can Help

Keynote Speaker

Dan delivers fun, informative, interactive and educational keynote talks to audiences across the globe. He has delivered 4 TED Talks and is invited to speak about 50 times per year. (Download his overview.)

Best-selling Author

Dan is the best-selling author of three books focusing on corporate culture, the importance of purpose, and thinking. He is at work on his 4th book focused on leadership. (Buy his books.)


The Pontefract Group provides services that help leaders and organizations become more engaged and collaborative through assessments, leadership modelling & webinars. Find out about all services.

Workshop Facilitator

Dan leads half and full-day facilitated workshops to help teams become more collaborative, engaged, purpose-driven and thoughtful in their approach to work and life.

Dan’s DNA

  • dual citizen: canadian / british
  • big music fan – Dan curates a monthly music playlist
  • family man – brilliant wife of 24 years (we got married at 24)
  • 3 goats (aka children, kids, c’mon)
  • avid cyclist
  • Manchester United supporter (no haters please)
  • follicly challenged (or perhaps follicly hip)
  • I try not to take myself too seriously – life is precious but short.

Dan’s Purpose:

We’re not here to see through each other;
we’re here to see each other through.