September 4, 2023

In Bloom – The Poem

One thing about being an author is that you’re in charge of your own Easter Eggs.

Work-Life Bloom is my fifth book. At the beginning of the previous four books, I included a poem. Before any of my words ever got read, the reader is encouraged to read a poem.

No one has ever asked me about or commented on that little nugget of an Easter Egg. That probably has more to do with no one having read all four of my books.

For Work-Life Bloom, I chose to write an original poem. I suppose it’s the first “published” poem of my career. My high school English teacher, Mr. Masotti, is going to laugh his face off.

Here is that poem, titled “In Bloom – the Work-Life Bloom poem by Dan Pontefract,” in narrated video format.

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In Bloom – the Work-Life Bloom poem by Dan Pontefract

What is Work-Life Bloom?

In Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes, award-winning author Dan Pontefract takes a fresh look at integrating our professional and personal lives. Just as a flower needs the right mix of sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow and thrive, team members need the right mix of work-life factors to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence. Through primary global research, interviews, and personal experience, Pontefract delves into the current state of work and life, offering practical solutions for leaders and organizations to create environments where teams can flourish.

Pontefract argues that there really is no such thing as work-life balance: our rigid attempts to achieve it don’t reflect current realities and are, in fact leading us to further burnout, stress, and unhappiness. Instead, he encourages a more holistic approach, promoting the idea of “blooming” in both work and life. Pontefract stresses that for people to succeed, they must reach fulfillment through the integration of work and the personal aspects of life. After all, people bring their work into their lives and their lives into their work; an improved integration is necessary.

Pontefract introduces six key work factors — trust, belonging, feeling valued, purpose, strategy, and norms –and six life factors –relationships, skills, well-being, meaning, agency, and respect — essential for creating an integrated work-life ecosystem that genuinely blooms. The 12 factors contain practical solutions and strategies for leaders who want to nurture Work-Life Bloom environments for their team members and achieve this mindset for themselves.

With a unique approach and vivid writing, Work-Life Bloom is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their impact as a leader.

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