June 11, 2014

An Ode to Hierarchy

You there,
With the jaundice coloured leadership grin.
As wise souls have said before me, prematurity breeds immaturity.
Where art thou braggadocio in your moment of ascension?
There it is,
Plentiful for all to witness like a storm that blankets Tuktoyaktuk in winter.
We have seen it before in this very agora.
Cold. Harsh. Unforgiving.
Unrelentingly demonstrating who reigns from above, who is the arkhēs.
But this pack of snow is neither fluffy nor pretty.
It is ice.
It is thick (headed).
It is infrangible.
Callowness reigns abetted by your penchant for nepotism.
Don’t fret.
The halls, they scream in whispers of discontent and of shuddering disbelief.
This misbegotten decision and your reinforcement of hierarchy is the new now.
My hope remains because “The future depends on what you do today.”


“An Ode to Hierarchy” by Dan Pontefract, June, 2014



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