The edX, Udacity and Coursera Showdown


The higher education online learning gloves are now officially off. Let’s first recap the dizzying pace of change, announcements and launches that have occurred since the Fall of 2011 between Udacity, Coursera, MITx and the latest free-learning darling, edX. October 10 – Official launch of Introduction to AI (origin of Udacity) as well as Introduction to Databases and […]

The Con Academy


Rest assured, I am not against The Khan Academy … at least not entirely. There are several reasons to celebrate what its founder, Sal Khan, and the team have done: A discussion about ‘flipping the classroom’ (as the Economist helped point out) has become mainstream, if not a healthy obsession Outlets such as TED, Charlie […]

Why Don’t You Have an Internal YouTube Video Sharing Service?

A few facts about YouTube: 24 hours of content is uploaded every minute YouTube has more than 490 million unique users worldwide per month There are over 92 billion page views each month Users spend roughly 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month The average user spends 15 minutes each day viewing videos Clearly, […]