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Community Building in the Post-Pandemic Workplace with Author John Baldoni

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, coach, speaker and author of 15 books on leadership that have been translated into ten languages.

John joins Dan Pontefract on Leadership NOW where they discuss grace, purpose, and other facets of leadership.

John is a much in demand global presenter and keynote speaker and has been for 30+ years. He is also a member of the renowned Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia and social service.

John is a highly sought after communications consultant and executive coach, where he has had the privilege of working with senior leaders in virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care. John’s coaching helps managers to achieve positive results by focusing on communication, influence, motivation and supervision. John specializes in leadership presence, which he defines as “demonstrating earned authority.” His client list ranges from Fortune 10 companies to nonprofits and he’s won many awards and distinctions.

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How CEO Robert Pasin Established Radio Flyer Inc.’s FUNomenal Culture

Robert Pasin, CEO of Radio Flyer Inc., has embraced innovation and change to elevate the legacy brand synonymous with its little red wagons.

Robert joins Dan Pontefract on Leadership NOW to discuss his leadership style and how it has helped to resurrect the Radio Flyer Inc. company and brand.

Robert heads Radio Flyer Inc., founded in 1917. Radio Flyer is an iconic brand that holds a special place in people’s hearts because it instantly transports them to a happy time — to the best parts of childhood. Robert works with a wonderful group of passionate “Flyers” whose mission is to create products that bring smiles to kids of all ages and to create warm memories that last a lifetime.

Company sales have grown significantly because of Robert’s focus on building a highly committed and creative team. The product line has expanded beyond the iconic Little Red Wagon™ to include tricycles, scooters, and other ride-ons featuring innovative, beautiful, playful design. Stemming from his FUNomenal leadership style, Robert has created a culture of highly motivated, creative team members who are passionate and love what they do.

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DB Bedford and the Critical Importance of Emotional Wellness

DB Bedford is the CEO and founder of iNeverWorry Consulting, a company that specializes in Emotional Intelligence training staff and leadership on how to effectively manage their behavior and make better personal decisions to achieve positive results.

DB sits down with Dan Pontefract on Leadership NOW to discuss his latest book, “30 Days to Emotional Wellness” and all things emotional intelligence.

One of the things that separates DB from his contemporaries is his empirical knowledge gained by growing up on the rough streets of Oakland, California which is a community that is regularly listed as one of the most violent cities in America. As a result of his turbulent upbringing DB ultimately learned how to use Emotional Intelligence to survive and navigate complex social situations.

The authenticity of his background makes him uniquely qualified to administer this extremely multifaceted work. He has taught and trained staff at many of the world’s top corporations and universities such as Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Arizona State University and Cal State East Bay just to name a few.

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Group Coaching and 2023 Leadership Trends with Glain Roberts-McCabe

Glain Roberts-McCabe is the founder and President of The Roundtable, a company that helps leaders navigate change, disruption and growth by building the mindsets and behaviours that matter most.

Glain sits down with Dan Pontefract to chat about what she thinks are the critical issues that will face leaders and organizations in 2023.

She is a sought-after expert in the field of group coaching, working with executive teams and high potential fast-trackers to make a bigger collective impact. With over 30 years of leadership, business and coaching experience, Glain combines an evidence-based approach with pragmatism. Glain has advised and worked with senior executives and high value leaders globally at some of the world’s most respected brands.

Glain is the author of two Amazon best-selling books: ‘The Grassroots Leadership Revolution’ and ‘Did I Really Sign Up for This’ and writes for The Globe & Mail, HR Reporter, Canadian Manager Magazine and Training & Development Magazine. Her personal mission is to inspire ambitious leaders to connect to their bigger purpose and passion so that they can lead with intention and leave a legacy of good.

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The Responsibility Ethic with Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek is one of North America’s top Executive Business Coaches, who specializes in leadership development, strategic planning and values driven achievement.

He sits down with Dan Pontefract on Leadership NOW to discuss facets from his bestselling book, “The Responsibility Ethic,” which teaches us the how of self-leadership. There are several juicy facets that Dan and Adam get into including values, trust, ethics, and perseverance.

A two-time Olympian, Adam holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold, and multiple hall of fame inductions. In 2013, Adam made the first-ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

As an Entrepreneur, Adam runs two small corporations – KreekSpeak Business Solutions and Ergo Eco Solutions, a low carbon initiative that connects small businesses with small governments. He is a husband, father of three, and an active volunteer in his community and nationally through his work past and present with various health, youth empowerment and human rights not-for-profit organizations.

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Your Corporate Culture Of Conformity Is A Huge Issue with Terence Mauri

Terence Mauri is a UK-based writer, speaker and mentor: a global expert who helps business leaders innovate, adapt and succeed in the age of disruption in which massive yet hard-to-predict upheavals are expected.

In this Leadership NOW discussion with Dan Pontefract, Terence and Dan discuss the elements of risk, agility, curiosity, and identity as it pertains to culture and the future of work.

Terence is an Inc. Magazine Columnist, Inc. Top 100 Keynote Speaker and author of the best selling book, “The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption.” He is a Professor of Creative Labs at IE Business School, a regular contributor on TV and on radio, and is the founder of Hack Future Lab, a global think tank. Terence holds Thinker in Residence roles at MIT and London Business School and is the author of the global best seller “How To Win In The Age of Disruption” described as a ‘game changer’ by Harvard Business School.

He is one of the most in-demand disruption thinkers in the world, Terence Mauri inspires leaders to thrive in the age of disruption.

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If You Want Purpose, Relationships Are Key with Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst is a globally recognized systems entrepreneur who has used the science of purpose to change the way we work and serve. He is the Founder of Imperative, a venture-backed startup offering an enterprise-wide solution for employee connection and team building. Their industry research is incredibly good, too.

Aaron sits down with Dan Pontefract to catch up on all things purpose, but also the importance of relationships and networks. Corporate culture is another thread they delve into.

Widely known for his thought leadership, Aaron is the author of “The Purpose Economy” and a regular advisor and thought partner for many global brands. Aaron is also the founder and an active advisor to the Taproot Foundation where he was the catalyst and lead architect of the $15 billion pro bono service market.

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The Shift to a Skills-Based Organization with Deloitte’s Michael Griffiths

Michael Griffiths is a senior partner, Principal, and Lead in Deloitte’s Workforce Transformation practice; specifically leading Deloitte’s Workforce Development market offerings.

In this episode of Leadership NOW, Michael and Dan Pontefract discuss the shift to a skills-based organization.

There are some fascinating points raised – including what comes first: the chicken, egg, or both? Michael is also the lead for Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends research and report.

Griffiths is well published in the field of learning and talent, and is the leading market voice on becoming a skills-based organization.

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Author Ravin Jesuthasan: Are We Entering The Era Of Work Without Jobs?

Ravin Jesuthasan is a recognized futurist, global thought leader and bestselling author on the future of work and human capital. He has led multiple research efforts on the global workforce, the emerging digital economy, the rise of artificial intelligence and the transformation of work.

Ravin sits down with Dan Pontefract to discuss the shift from jobs to skills.

Ravin is the Global leader of Transformation at Mercer and based in Chicago and has led numerous research projects for the World Economic Forum including its ground-breaking studies; Shaping the Future Implications of Digital Media for Society, Creating a Shared Vision for Talent in the 4th Industrial Revolution and HR 4.0: Shaping People Strategies in the 4th Industrial Revolution. He is a regular participant and presenter at the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings in Davos. Ravin is the bestselling author of some fantastic books including Work Without Jobs, Transformative HR, Lead The Work, and Reinventing Jobs. Ravin is a member of the Thinkers50 Radar class.

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Are We Being Honest at Work with the Super-Cool Ron Carucci

Ron Carucci has a thirty-year track record helping executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization, and leadership — from start-ups to Fortune 10s, non-profits to heads-of-state, turn-arounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth. With experience in more than 25 countries on four continents, he helps organizations articulate strategies that lead to accelerated growth, and then designs programs to execute those strategies.

The best-selling author of eight books, including the Amazon #1 “Rising to Power,” Ron sits down with Dan Pontefract to discuss his recently released book, “To Be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose.”

Ron is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, where Navalent’s work on leadership was named one of 2016’s management ideas that mattered most. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes, and a two-time TEDx speaker. Ron is proud to be a member of the Marshall Goldsmith MG100 coaches community.

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Emotional Intelligence Expert Carolyn Stern

Carolyn Stern is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Expert, professional speaker, and university professor.

In this episode of Leadership NOW with Dan Pontefract, they discuss Carolyn’s new book, “The Emotionally Strong Leader: An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership.”

Carolyn’s emotional intelligence courses and modules have been adopted by top universities in North America. She has provided comprehensive training programs to business leaders across the continent in highly regarded corporations encompassing industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, advertising, education, healthcare, government, and foodservice.

Carolyn’s passion is teaching emotional intelligence, leadership, and team building in the workplace. She drives individuals and corporations to learn how to connect authentically, communicate effectively, and thrive collectively by interweaving emotional intelligence along the way.

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Zambian Executive Charity Lumpa on the Meaning of Leadership

Charity Lumpa is an accomplished executive and leader with decades of working experience in the insurance, banking, tourism and telecommunications industries.

She is the founder and managing director of an investment consultancy and a philanthropic foundation, and board chairperson of a leadership company focused on coaching leaders in Africa.

In this Leadership NOW episode with Dan Pontefract, Charity and Dan discuss all things under the sun of leadership, culture, and purpose.

Charity has previously held the positions of Managing Director of the Zambia National Tourism Board, Ecobank Zambia Limited and Airtel Networks Zambia Plc where she was the first female and Zambian to be appointed into the role. Amongst her many achievements is having successfully set up Ecobank Zambia Limited as a greenfield financial institution in 2008 and became its founding Managing Director.

Charity is the first female Board Chairman of Zanaco Plc and of the St. Ignatius College of the Jesuits. She was member of the boards of Air Namibia, Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management, and the project board of the Women’s Bank Zambia Limited.

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World Renown Thinker Roger L. Martin and a New Way to Think

Roger Martin is a trusted strategy advisor to the CEOs of companies worldwide including Procter & Gamble, Lego and Ford. In 2017, he was named the world’s #1 management thinker by Thinkers50, a biannual ranking of the most influential global business thinkers.

In this engaging talk with Dan Pontefract, Roger discusses his newest book, “A New Way to Think: Your Guide to Superior Managerial Effectiveness.”

Roger is a Professor Emeritus at the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto where he served as Dean from 1998-2013, Academic Director of the Michael Lee-Chin Family Institute for Corporate Citizenship from 2004-2019 and Institute Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute from 2013-2019. In 2013, he was named global Dean of the Year by the leading business school website, Poets & Quants.

He has written twelve other books including When More is Not Better, Creating Great Choices written with Jennifer Riel and Playing to Win written with A.G. Lafley, which won the award for Best Book of 2012-13 by the Thinkers50.

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Tiffani Bova, Salesforce Chief Growth Evangelist Wants a New Employee-Customer Experience Playbook

Tiffani Bova is the Chief Growth Evangelist at Salesforce, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book GROWTH IQ. A celebrated keynote and member of the Thinkers50 list, Bova inspires people to think forward, be bold and take action.

In this discussion with Dan Pontefract, the discussion centers around the customer and employee experience: are we getting it right?

Bova was named one of 2020’s Top Virtual Keynote Speaker by Read Write and is a guest on Bloomberg, BNN, Cheddar, MSNBC, and Yahoo Finance, among others. She contributes her thinking to publications including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Diginomica, Quora, Thrive, Rotman School of Management and Duke Dialogue Review.

Bova’s experience, combined with candor, results in a unique perspective businesses need and people want to increase their GROWTH IQ.

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Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford and Boeing Discusses the Importance of ‘Working Together’

Alan Mulally is the former president and CEO of The Ford Motor Company, serving as its most senior leader between 2006 and 2014.

Before that and for over 30 years, Mulally held roles at Boeing, including executive vice president of the Boeing Company and president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

To say that Mulally has been at the helm of two of America’s most important and prominent brands is wildly understated.

In this discussion with Dan Pontefract, Alan outlines with precision and depth his “Working Together” management system. Alan delves into the various factors that help all stakeholders understand the mission and vision whilst using humanistic traits in which to do so. As an added bonus, Alan details how the “Working Together” system can also serve as a model for your life.

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Arianna Huffington: The Empathy Leader We Should All Aspire To

Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive, the founder of The Huffington Post, and the author of 15 books, including Thrive and The Sleep Revolution. In 2016, she launched Thrive, a leading behavior change tech company with the mission of changing the way we work and live by ending the collective delusion that burnout is the price we must pay for success.

She has been named to Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list. Originally from Greece, she moved to England when she was 16 and graduated from Cambridge University with an M.A. in economics. At 21, she became president of the famed debating society, the Cambridge Union.

In this conversation with Dan Pontefract, Arianna discusses the importance of empathy, as well as her two new empathy-based initiatives with SHRM (a mental wellness pledge) and Genesys with the launch of the “Thrive Reset for Genesys” tool to help curb workplace stress.

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Where Are We With The Future Of Work with Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is a strategist and thought leader on the future of work, change management, learning, workforce adoption, talent and organizational development helping organizations strategize and achieve organizational success and navigate the intersection of people and technology. Kerry has worked in senior roles at firms such as SAP, Coca-Cola, and CSR among others.

Kerry possesses a track record of success leading change efforts, managing businesses and teams, building revenue and leading the creation of new products u0026amp; services through a visionary leadership style. She is a strategic and creative thinker with strong analytical abilities who thrives on a challenge.

Kerry has been recognized by Engagedly as one of its Top 100 HR Influencers. Nowadays she plies her wonderful talents as a leader at Celonis – the world’s first commercial process mining company.

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Understanding Deep Purpose with Harvard’s Dr. Ranjay Gulati

Ranjay Gulati is the Paul R. Lawrence MBA Class of 1942 Professor of Business Administration and the former unit head of the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School. He is an expert on leadership in turbulent times, having studied and written about the topic for the past twenty-five years.

Gulati’s latest book, Deep Purpose: The Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies, shows how companies can embed purpose much more deeply than they currently do, delivering impressive performance benefits that reward customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and communities alike.

In this conversation with Dan Pontefract, they discuss key concepts from the book including the four benefits of a deep purpose organization. Professor Gulati holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University, a Master’s Degree in Management from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management, and two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Computer Science and Economics, from Washington State University and St. Stephens College, New Delhi, respectively.

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From Law To Purpose – Why Eloise Skinner Shifted Her Career Entirely And What She Has Learned

Eloise Skinner is an author, teacher, therapist, and the founder of two educational businesses: The Purpose Workshop and One Typical Day.

Eloise was born in East London, studied at Cambridge and trained at Oxford. She started out in corporate law, spent a year training in a monastery community(!) and now focuses on education, social impact and integration by living with intention, integrity and purpose.

Eloise sits on the youth board of the UK’s national social mobility charity, and is an Enterprise Advisor for the Mayor of London’s education careers strategy.

Dan Pontefract sits down with Eloise to discuss not only her work in the purpose space, but how the choices she made with her career—all with a bend towards becoming purpose-driven—have led her to a richer and fuller life.

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Geoff Josey – Taking a One-Year Sabbatical to Find Purpose & Travel the World

With over 27 years’ experience in the advertising, marketing and print industry, Geoff Josey is an overachiever. He has been an account executive, entrepreneur, sales manager, director and business development manager in various organizations, possessing a strong print/digital advertising media skillset.

But Geoff recently had an epiphany. He desired more purpose in his life.

Geoff set sail in early January 2022, taking a one-year professional sabbatical, to find more meaning and purpose in his life. He is literally travelling the world to do so.

As his mom said to him three years ago before passing, “Geoffrey no one ever wishes on their deathbed that if only I had worked harder.”

Geoff set out to sort that bit of his life out. Listen in as he and Dan Pontefract discuss his journey, what he’s learned, and what else is to come with his life. It’s an inspirational and insightful conversation.

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Are We Unhappy Because Of Technology? In Conversation With Dr. Kostadin Kushlev

The general state of society’s unhappiness appears to be growing, and there seems to be no end in sight. One question that continues to cause alarm is whether technology—and the use of smartphones in particular—is the cause of such mounting unhappiness.

Dr. Kostadin Kushlev, an Assistant Professor and Researcher at Georgetown University, investigates how constant connectivity affects societal’s health and well-being. He is the Principle Investigator of the Digital Health and Happiness Lab, aka the Happy Tech Lab.

In this conversation with Dan Pontefract, Kushlev discusses the pros and cons of technology, connectivity, and always being on when it comes to our happiness and well-being.

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Dr. Karl Moore and the Nuances of Generational Leadership

As a professor at the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management and for +25 years as a Fellow and an Associate Fellow at Green Templeton College, Oxford University, Dr. Karl Moore spends a lot of time interacting with the current and future leaders of our world…CEOs and millennials/Zs.

Starting with his Ph.D. Karl has studied CEOs and how they lead and develop strategies. At McGill, he teaches an MBA course, CEO Insights, where 31 CEOs come to join the class for an hour each Fall. This class has also been turned into an hour-long radio show across Canada. The show is called the CEO Series.

His newest and tenth book will be released in early 2023 and is titled Ok Boomers: Working with Millennials and Zs, which studies the way that millennials/Zs act as leaders and the way that managers need to act to create meaningful interactions with millennials/Zs. In this wide-ranging discussion with Dan Pontefract, Karl and Dan get into the nuances of generational leadership.

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Leading to Greatness with Jim Reid

An accomplished executive and trusted advisor to seven CEOs, Jim Reid has navigated significant change and immense pressure to build winning teams that outperform competitors. He has coached, advised and developed thousands of aspiring leaders as CHRO in organizations such as Rogers Communications, Husky Injection Molding Systems and MDS.

Originally trained as a military pilot, Jim built his expertise working alongside some of the best thinkers on leadership including Jim Collins, Jeffrey Pfeffer, John Kotter and Dave Ulrich. Jim was recognized in 2021 as one of the 50 Best Executives in Canada by The Globe u0026amp; Mail’s Report on Business Magazine.

His new book, Leading to Greatness: 5 Principles to Transform Your Leadership and Build Great Teams, contains five core leadership principles for top-level executives who will be primed to take their organizations and teams into the future upon application.

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Céline Schillinger and Dare to Un-Lead

A leadership thinker and practitioner, Céline Schillinger has been recognized multiple times for her innovative engagement initiatives in the corporate world. After a plentiful business career across several continents, Céline now runs her own consultancy, We Need Social and is the author of her first book, Dare to Un-lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World.

Céline helps organizations and leaders create value through Engagement Leadership: the active mobilization of internal and external stakeholders, at the interplay of technology, management research and living systems thinking.

In this Leadership NOW discussion with Dan Pontefract, Céline and Dan get into the merits of her new book as well as the state of organizational culture and leadership in general.

She was awarded the Medal of the National Order of Merit by the French government in 2017 for her efforts for diversity in the workplace.

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Co-founder and CEO of Go1.com, Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes is the co-founder and CEO of GO1.com, one of the world’s largest onboarding, compliance, and professional development platforms.

He is a Rhodes Scholar, has a Masters in Science and Education from Oxford University, and a PhD in Business Strategy from Queensland University.

Go1 is a fascinating company, one that allows companies to upscale their workforce with on-demand training and a dynamic content-driven platform connecting to systems such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, etc.

In this conversation Dan Pontefract discusses with Andrew the state of organizational learning and why companies are choosing Go1. Think of Go1 as a firm acting as a glue that binds the book of various learning offerings and platforms together.

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Co-founder and COO of Learn to Win, Sasha Seymore

Sasha Seymore is the co-founder and COO of Learn to Win, a software platform that unlocks “Last Mile Learning” for organizations.

What is Last Mile Learning? It’s the critical operational knowledge unique to every team. Last Mile training drives 80% of job performance, but it’s unique to every org and can’t be bought off-the-shelf. It lives in your experts’ heads. It’s taught informally – if at all.

Learn to Win’s platform makes it fast and simple for anyone to build a lesson. Their mobile-first platform delivers learning in bite-size chunks that become easy to consume in the flow of work.

The company has clients such as the Pittsburgh Penguins, the U.S. Air Force, Novartis, the Special Olympics and the Carolina Panthers.

As a recovering Chief Learning Officer, Dan Pontefract was fascinated to quiz Sasha on a number of different questions to get to the bottom of how organizations and employees need to ‘learn to win.’

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Mondo Cozmo’s New Album and his Fantastic Sense of Purpose

Mondo Cozmo is the performing name of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Joshua Ostrander.

His music boasts the bold, expansive sound of the likes of Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, Beck, and various hip-hop artists.

But his sense of purpose might be what is most remarkable. It’s a lesson for us all.

Mondo Cozmo has just released a fantastic new third album—titled “This is for the Barbarians,” and we discuss not only the album but what drives him as a purpose-fuelled leader including social causes, relationships, and of course, love.

As Ostrander says in our conversation, “Just follow your heart and know that it’s going to lead you to the right place.” Check out our conversation.

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Daniel H. Pink and the Nonsense of Having No Regrets

“No regrets.” You’ve heard people proclaim it as a philosophy of life.

That’s nonsense, even dangerous, says New York Times best-selling author Daniel H. Pink in his latest book, The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward.

Pink sits down with the other dp (Dan Pontefract) and they get into a rollicking conversation on the topic of regret.

Pink discusses his research including American attitudes about regret as well as his own World Regret Survey—which has collected regrets from more than 16,000 people in 105 countries—where he identifies the four core regrets that most people have.

Pink discusses the four regrets arguing they operate as a “photographic negative” of the good life. By understanding what people regret the most, we can understand what they value the most. Tune in and learn more about regret. You can’t live a life with no regrets.

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Altria Vice-President of Communications Megan Witherspoon and the State of Today’s Corporate Culture

Megan Witherspoon serves as Vice President, Communications for Altria. She leads communications and engagement strategies across multiple audiences on behalf of the Altria family of companies in this role.

In her 17 years at Altria, she has held roles across a range of functions: corporate responsibility and community relations; strategy and business development; investor relations; marketing; and, of course, as part of her current executive role, corporate communications.

Witherspoon’s take on the current state of corporate culture is one to appreciate. In this conversation with Dan Pontefract, Witherspoon holds no punches with her take on culture, purpose, flexible work, and what leaders need to do differently in this day and age.

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McDonald’s Managing Director Dan Camp and  Spending 30+ Years in Leadership Roles

Have you ever thought was it was like to work in a single organization for 30+ years? Have you ever considered how cool it might be and what career development greatness might come of it?

Dan Camp has. Since 1988, Dan has worked at McDonald’s in a number of roles including his latest, managing director of McDonald’s for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In this engaging and full-of-career-goodness discussion between Dan Pontefract and Dan Camp, learn about Dan’s time at Hamburger University, how he got his start, and what he’s learned from a leadership perspective working across multiple different roles in multiple different cities across one of the world’s most iconic brands, McDonald’s.

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Royal Mail Letter Carrier Phil Goddard and the Path to Career Enlightenment

Have you ever considered changing careers altogether? Have you ever thought about making a 180-degree workplace turn? Have you ever shifted from being a longstanding sales account executive in telecom to becoming a Royal Mail Letter Carrier in England?

Phil Goddard has. Phil Goddard did. Phil Goddard now is.

Cambridge, UK-based Phil Goddard is one of those rare examples in life. He stared down a role he was unhappy with and decided to shift his thinking.

Check out this enlightening discussion between Dan Pontefract and Phil Goddard as the latter discusses his 25+ year career in telecom and why he shifted to becoming a Royal Mail letter carrier, sharing what he has learned along the way.

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Psychologist Lee Chambers and the State of Organizations

Lee Chambers is an award-winning British psychologist, coach and entrepreneur.

Featured widely across the media, from the Telegraph to Vogue and the Guardian, and trusted by companies such as Indeed, Reebok, TalkTalk and Oppo Mobile, Lee is the founder of Essentialise, a wellbeing and coaching company, with the ambition of positively impacting the health and happiness of 1 million individuals.

Lee and Dan discuss the current state of organizations, talent, the generations, and what work will look like in a post-pandemic world.

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Dr. Maja Korica and the Problems with Leadership

Dr. Maja Korica is Associate Professor of Management and Organisation at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Her research focuses on understanding complex and rarely seen organizational settings, particularly at the top of organizational hierarchies, and where public interest is involved. Maja is also on the Thinkers50 radar.

She specializes in corporate governance, accountability and responsibility, as well as executive management and leadership in practice.

Maja and Dan sit down to discuss issues centred on the definition of leadership, workaholism, hustle, ROWE, celebrity entrepreneurs, and a wide range of other management topics. It’s jammed packed with insights, truth bombs, and tips for change.

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Management Thinker Extraordinaire Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg is a writer and educator, mostly about managing originations, developing managers, and rebalancing societies but he is also an outdoorsman and collector of beaver sculptures. He has authored 20 books, including Managers not MBAs, Simply Managing, and Rebalancing Society.

He has been elected to the Order of Canada and l’Ordre national du Quebec as well as to the Royal Society of Canada and has received twenty-one honorary degrees from universities around the world. He’s also a Hall of Fame member on the Thinkers50.

Henry sits down with Dan Pontefract to discuss an array of topics including Russia, Putin, Ukraine, Shareholder Primacy, communityship, the Business Roundtable, and measurement. The insights are overflowing.

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Mastering Community with Christine Porath

Christine Porath is a tenured professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She’s the author of Mastering Civility: A Manifesto for the Workplace and her latest, Mastering Community: The Surprising Ways Coming Together Moves Us from Surviving to Thriving.

In this episode, Christine discusses with Dan Mastering Community and shares some insights of her research including stories about Marriott, Ubuntu, Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics, and more.

If you want to learn about the importance of care, culture, and self-awareness when it comes to communities, check out our conversation.

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Redesigning Work with Lynda Gratton

Professor Lynda Gratton is a global thought-leader on the future of work. Based on thirty years of research into the technological, demographic, cultural and societal trends that are shaping work, and building on what we learnt through our experiences of the global pandemic, Lynda joins Dan Pontefract to discuss her new book, Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organization and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone.

In this episode, Lynda discusses her four-step process for hybrid work which includes: 1) Understand the challenges your business is facing 2) Reimagine creative, new approaches and processes 3) Model and Test these within your organization 4) Act and Create based on contemporary, data-led feedback.

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The Joy of Work with Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is a best-selling author and technology leader from the UK. He has become regarded as one of the most respected thought leaders on the subject of workplace culture and the future of work.

He spent 12 years running Twitter in Europe and previously YouTube in the UK.

In this episode, Bruce chats with Dan Pontefract about various aspects of work; what’s going right, what’s going wrong, his views on purpose, employee experience, customer service, and just what to expect in a post-pandemic hybrid work environment.

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The Success Factor with Ruth Gotian

Dr. Ruth Gotian, social scientist and chief learning officer and assistant professor of education in anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss her new book, The Success Factor: Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Performance.

In this episode, Ruth chats about the secret sauce of high performers and achievers – something she discovered after spending years researching various successful people in multiple different industries.

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CEO of Goodable, Muhammad Lila

CEO of Goodable, Muhammad Lila, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss how Goodable became the good news news outlet.

In this episode, Muhammad discusses his war zone news correspondent days and how they gave birth to the idea of Goodable.

Muhammad also gets into the purpose of Goodable and how it aims to shake up the news industry itself.

Don’t you want to know more about the power of good news in your life? It really is a good news story.

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Workplace Toxins with Dr. Liane Davey

CThe co-founder of 3Coze and best-selling author, Dr. Liane Davey, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss toxins in the workplace.

In this episode, Liane outlines five key workplace toxins and provides wonderful insights on how they can affect your overall happiness and performance. The toxins are:

• Toxic policies; processes (e.g. scheduling, decision-making, compensation, etc.)

• Toxic culture (the norms – how we as a collective at work behave)

• Toxic bosses and leaders (those who support the team member)

• Toxic co-workers (peers)

• Toxic customers (the firm’s clients)

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Author Dorie Clark Discusses The Long Game

Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Dorie Clark, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss her new book, The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World.

In this podcast, Dorie discusses some clever strategies to not only help you think about your thinking, but she provides some techniques you can implement today.

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Cirque Du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre

Chairman of Cirque du Soleil, Daniel Lamarre, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss life at the company as well as his new book, Balancing Acts: Unleashing the Power of Creativity in Your Work and Life.

In this episode, Daniel reveals his thoughts on the importance of gathering creative ideas from employees, diversity, vulnerability, trust, the Beatles, and how the company came back after losing $1 billion overnight once the pandemic hit.

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How To Begin with Michael Bungay Stanier

The founder of Box of Crayons and best-selling author, Michael Bungay Stanier, joins Dan Pontefract to discuss his new book, How To Begin: Start Doing Something That Matters.

In this podcast, Michael not only chats about the book (and some really cool insights into his 9-step goal-setting and completing process) but he gives some free coaching advice to me, Dan Pontefract.

Check it out.

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