March 29, 2021

Standing Up Against White Male Myopia

I’m speaking out because I see it too often. I don’t know the gentleman below who posted the LinkedIn poll, but I’d like to address it.

First, it’s white male fragility at its finest, and it has to stop. As innocuous as it may have been, white males must do better in the 21st century. Polling as a white man “Which of the following people would you most want to be mentored by?” reeks of myopia & cognitive bias when the four possible selections are white males.

Second, I went through all 400+ comments. Not once did the pollster apologize for such insensitivity. When we don’t own up to our mistakes, we (white males) continue to discourage a more equitable world.

Third, the pollster did state that a future poll would be dedicated to women only. Okay, fine, however, that implies white men should come before women. Given the state of unequal gender-based pay, I for one do not subscribe to such thinking. Every action we (males) take must be fair and equitable to women. Lesson 8: Commit to Balance, from “Lead. Care. Win.” is a start.

Finally, due to LinkedIn poll limitations, you had better offer a series of polls that are far more inclusive to BIPOC & lgbtqia2s+. Otherwise, you wind up offering solely a white male universe.

I’m a white male. But I’m standing up for others.

Are you?

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