March 1, 2013

My Network is my Net Worth – Part II

handshakeSeveral moons ago I wrote about the power of your network. I go into greater detail within Chapter 7 of the Flat Army book (The Participative Leader Framework) about the need for leaders to continuously and authentically build out their direct professional and personal networks by being reciprocal and educating.

I won’t reveal the source, but the following landed in my inbox today:

Hey Dan – I sat in on one of your sessions at the Training Magazine Conference and Expo back in 2011 and recently saw on your blog that you had a book coming out.  Congrats!  I’ve been using Evernote now for a few months, so naturally I enjoyed seeing how the book was conceived.

I also referenced you in a couple sessions I conducted at this year’s Training Mag Conference (one of my first ever speaking engagements), and I wanted to thank you for being a champion of effectively using technology to enhance collaboration in the workplace.  It has not only helped me implement a social platform with full learning and performance capabilities within my own company but also personally (for speaking engagements) as well as with our clients.

Be open. Be honest. Be humble. Be giving. Be congratulative.

Be caring. Be authentic. Be reciprocal. Be educating.

Good things will come from your network if you do.

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