September 28, 2010

Learning Leaders Are Beginning To Get It … Sorta

I might not make many new friends with the following words, however, it needs to be stated.

Having recently attended the CLO Symposium in Dana Point, California, I’m happy to report back that we just might be turning the tide in the learning world.

I spent many moments discussing, challenging, chatting and debating with attendees about the current and future state of learning, and for the most part, these learning leaders are beginning to see that ‘training is not merely an event’ and that culture is equal parts to the learning, technology and leadership tenets of any organization.

They all go together.

There is, however, huge apprehension. Still.

Many folks now nod their heads in agreement about the need for a holistic learning ecosystem model in any organization, yet, paradoxically, trepidation still seems to abound.

As I say in many a speech, discussion and workshop, Rome was not built in a day. But at least learning leaders are now nodding in agreement as opposed to looks of disbelief.

There is much work to do and action to take, but on the whole, it was refreshing to see learning leaders openly acknowledge the transformation upon us.

The opportunity? I believe entities such as Altimeter Group, Internet Time Alliance, Dachis Group, and Future Workplace are well poised to assist learning leaders, HR leaders, and business unit/organizational leaders transform their companies from classic cultures to 2.0 cultures where situational hierarchy and heterarchical structures live symbiotically to address the business needs of today.


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