In 5 Minutes Louis C.K. Nailed Behavioural Malfunctions in a Connected World

I’ve never been a fan, but Louis C.K. is definitely on to something.

Invest five minutes of your life and watch/listen to what he has to say on the Conan O’Brien show about smartphones and being connected. Once you strip away the raw edge he portrays, C.K. has given us philosophical insight into a world of connectedness juxtaposed with a fear of loneliness, sadness and even an inability to empathize.

I once wrote a piece here entitled “Are We Addicted to the Notification of Notifications?“. It isn’t exactly the same point, but there is some similarity.

Incidentally, as I write Book #2 … I’m sketching out Book #3. The working title is “Digital Discipline“. As digital devices conquer and reformat our habits — a rise of the machines perhaps — I fear we are quickly losing sight of what matters most in our world; the human behaviours that make us human.

More to come.

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