October 20, 2018

Dan’s Latest Irregular Newsletter (with free goodies)

Now Available!

Audio Version of OPEN TO THINK

If you have been waiting for the audio version of my newest book, OPEN TO THINK, the wait is now over.

Visit Audible or iTunes to purchase your copy.

As with my other books, once again I am the narrator. It’s such a thrill to narrate your own book for listeners like you. Thank you for entrusting me to do a good job. (I sure I hope I did!)




Also, you can listen to a sneak peek.


The folks at Big Think released the first of several short videos where I discuss OPEN TO THINK. Click to view “How To Stop Being So Busy.”
Listen to a Thinkers50 podcast with me and Stuart Crainer.


If you have already managed to plough through OPEN TO THINK, would you be so kind and consider leaving a review on Amazon?

I would most appreciate it.


I’ve had the great fortune of touring North America recently, chatting with all sorts of folks about OPEN TO THINK and its primary messages.

If you’d like to consider me for an event, download this handy Dan Pontefract Speaker Profile document.

The latest public speaking events are listed on my site.


I’ve had the incredible good fortune recently to participate in several podcast episodes that you may be interested in downloading and listening to.


It’s not ideal, but in the middle of a book launch (and my normal gig at TELUS as Chief Envisioner)

I had to suffer through the emergency removal of my gallbladder. Ugh.

I want to take this opportunity to thank so many of you that sent along kind words of support and healing. I’m getting there.

And a very special thanks to my infinitely better half, Denise Lamarche. Down a parent, and in an incredibly demanding role herself, her ability to balance everything with the goats while tending to me is nothing short of remarkable. xxx

Now Available!

Dan’s 4th book is now available. Click to order LEAD. CARE. WIN.

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