August 17, 2018

Sneak Peek Audio Clip of OPEN TO THINK

Going into the studio and narrating my third book, OPEN TO THINK, was an awesome experience. I’ve always wanted to be a DJ. While I didn’t play any music, being behind the soundboards with a large boom microphone in my face over two days was as close as I’ll ever get to it I suppose.

I don’t know why more authors don’t narrate their own books. Yes, it’s long and somewhat tedious, but knowing what word to emphasize, when to pause, and when to get excited is exactly why I devote the time.

Here is a 10-minute sneak peek at the audio version of OPEN TO THINK, set to publish on September 11.


While You’re Here…

I call it Open Thinking, the return to a balanced archetype of reflection and action; the poised intertwining of Creative, Critical and Applied Thinking.

Full details are found in my new book, OPEN TO THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, and Make Better Decisions, available September 11.

It is time to rethink our thinking.


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While you’re here, why not watch the TED Talk?


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