May 9, 2023
Work-Life Bloom

Work-Life BLOOM MAY Playlists: Dan’s Hip Hop Dream List + Songs That Surprisingly Kick Ass

I don’t consider myself a one-track music mind — I love most genres. (Okay, not ALL genres, but most genres. I am truly sorry but I just can’t get into “pirate metal” or “folktronica.”)

In my next two Work-Life Bloom playlists, I’m looking back and being present.

When looking back, I’m perhaps showing my age and highlighting a number of hip hop tracks from my youth from the likes of Public Enemy, Ice-T, Ice Cube/NWA, as well as LL Cool J. There are a few other hip hop gems sprinkled in there as well.

In terms of being present, I’ve highlighted a number of songs (mostly from the past four years) that surprisingly rock. You can often see me in my EV rocking out to these songs, assuming you happen to make it to the great jurisdiction of Vancouver Island.

If I knew how to easily transfer this to Spotify, I would, but I’m an Apple Music subscriber, so hopefully, you figure it out if you’re not with Apple Music.


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