January 25, 2017
The Purpose Effect


I’m in need of being inspired.

If you want to win one of seven free (and signed) copies of my latest book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT, here’s what you have to do:

  • In the comment box below, jot down your “declaration of purpose.”


Here is what I wrote in THE PURPOSE EFFECT about the “declaration of purpose” to help you out:

If team members do not possess an understanding of their personal purpose, the first step is to create a personal purpose statement. But something stronger is required. It should not be a simple statement, rather a declaration. A necessary action, therefore, is to define a personal “declaration of purpose.”

To create a personal declaration of purpose, individuals can utilize the following techniques:

  • Incorporate how you decide to operate your life—how you will show up—each and every day.
  • Be succinct, specific and jargon-free, but ensure the declaration is equally expressive.
  • Make it personal, make it yours, and incorporate strengths, interests and/or core attributes.

Once an individual’s personal purpose has been declared, the next step is to ensure they take ownership of what has been crafted. If the declaration is the commitment to “define” one’s purpose, acting upon it is to “decide” how someone is going to carry out their purpose each and every day. 

When I created my own personal declaration in the late 1990s, I realized it had to be something that defined me, allowed me to continue developing, and forced me to decide how I would behave in any situation. How was I going to show up each and every day? My personal purpose declaration statement has been the following ever since:

We’re not here to see through each other; we’re here to see each other through.

This declaration has guided me through life altering decisions, often acting as my personal compass. Of any action you plan to take to achieve the sweet spot, based on my research, interviews and personal experience, I cannot stress how important the personal declaration purpose statement can be to your long-term prosperity.

I’m looking to be inspired by your own “declaration of purpose.” I have no doubt that others who read your “declaration of purpose” will be inspired as well.

If you don’t have one, here’s a great chance to think about it, write it down, and maybe … just maybe … you’ll win a signed copy of my second book.

At a minimum, you will have created something that should help you for the months to come. (and likely others)

Good luck. Contest closes Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 6:00pm PT

PS. More information about the book is over here.


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