April 26, 2016
The Purpose Effect

Why I Wrote “The Purpose Effect” Book

PurposeEffect_3DA question I am being asked more and more is why did I decide to write another book, this one focused on purpose?

Other than being a masochist, there is a very good reason.

I wrote THE PURPOSE EFFECT to prove that there is a link between purpose and culture.

While my first book, FLAT ARMY, focused on organizational culture, I figured out after publishing it there was something missing.

The concept of purpose was something I wanted to explore deeply, and prove that an organization and its employees are better off with the dynamic duo of culture + purpose.

You could say that THE PURPOSE EFFECT is the sequel to FLAT ARMY.

Through the three years of writing THE PURPOSE EFFECT, I have discovered and proved my thesis that purpose is a very close partner of culture.

If the purpose of the organization and its team members is aligned—and the organization is operating in an open, collaborative and harmonious culture—it delivers the one-two punch of societal and organizational benefits. THE PURPOSE EFFECT is, therefore, not only a sequel but a companion to FLAT ARMY. It connects the dots between purpose and culture, and it solidifies the outcomes of an engaged organization, improving personal and organizational results.

goats2016In parallel, Denise (my infinitely better half) and I have three children (we call goats), now aged 13-, 10- and 9-years old. There is not a day that goes by where I am not thinking about the goats and their future.

I want nothing more for them than to either start an organization or work in an organization that spills over with purpose. As a parent, I hope THE PURPOSE EFFECT is being demonstrated in our household (by Denise and I) and in the organization where we have chosen to work. I hope our goats look up to both of us as role models of purpose.

I even dedicated the book to them. You can watch this short video below to see their reaction when they found out.

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