April 19, 2013

We Are All Boston

“The wind Daddy, it’s so cold,” says the 6 year-old boy at the park.

“Don’t worry Son,” replied the Dad. “I’ll get your jacket from the car.”


“I’ll have an extra-hot double-shot latte please,” Jenny pleads to the barista as she struggles to pull herself together for the 7am start-time in her job.

“No trouble at all Ma’am,” the barista joyfully responds. “Coming right up.”


Mark thinks to himself as he strolls down the sidewalk, “what time do I have to be at the gala tonight?” He notices and marvels at a hummingbird family approaching a beatific Trumpet Vine and continues his thought. “Oh right, it’s a 7:30pm start.”


treeTrees in the forest are much like humans on earth. For the most part, we humans crave sunshine, water, the accompaniment of others, a calming breeze against our face, and most of all, peace.

The recent events in Boston, MIT and Watertown go against the wood grain of any tree in any forest in any land on any part of Earth. It’s as though the force of all evil manifested in an axe and our sturdy, trusty, peaceful forest was hacked down tree after tree after tree.

Deforestation of the human spirit – of the human soul – is deplorable, maleficent if not pernicious.

But the human spirit is akin to the trees in the forest. Strong. Resilient. Magnificent. There too is rebirth, regrowth and regeneration. There are forests among you. Rather sadly, there are those armed with the aforementioned axes willing and able to chop away. They want to see the ‘boom’. They are the axis of axes.

With set-your-watch consistency the forest will be there tomorrow. It’s your forest. It’s your life. You must own it. We must own it. Let us not leave it to kismet. Let us bleed courage as sap does from a tree.

Let us remember, We Are All Boston.


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