October 27, 2010
enterprise 2.0

Waiting For SuperExecutive: Why Executives Should Get on the Enterprise 2.0 Bus

I recently took in the film Waiting for Superman. It’s a real eye-opener to the travesty that is K-12 education in the United States. Go see it.

That stated, the following thoughts entitled “Waiting for Superexecutive” is a call to action for executives to get on the Enterprise 2.0 bus inside of their organizations, if they haven’t done so already. Although I am focusing the opportunities listed below on the tools of Enterprise 2.0, the pro’s and con’s associated with each indicate how culture, engagement and business results could be impacted. (ie. the link between Enterprise 2.0 and Leadership)


Opportunity Pro (if you do) Con (if you don’t)


  • You demonstrate openness
  • Cool factor / human factor
  • Quick insights into your brain for your team / the org
  • Gain feedback on strategy / future decisions
  •  Who knows what folks are saying about your org
  • You will seem closed
  • Could be missing out on real dialogue & ideas
  • Out of touch / out of mind


  • Deeper dialogue can ensue with the organization
  • You can demonstrate how you engage & explore with the org before executing or deciding
  • You will seem less stuffy
  • Your regular updates will seem merely like a monologue
  • The org will innovate in spite of you not sharing your thoughts
  • Ghost blogging will kill your reputation
  • Everyone blogs – get over it

Video updates/sharing

  • Nothing like non-corporate / non-polished video briefs – the kids will love it
  • You’ll be able to share more in less time than typing it out
  • Sure to improve engagement – look, you’re real!!!
  • Some people are visual/auditory learners – you’re missing them if you don’t do this
  • Employees will only ‘see’ you at corporate events – not cool
  • That built-in webcam to your laptop will be wasted


  • Employees will see/read that you care about their opinion – definite brownie points
  • You ensure dialogue is a personal attribute of yours
  • You may alter your opinion
  • Scepticism will abound if you don’t comment – you may be viewed as a one-way leader
  • You won’t tap into the collective intelligence of your org
  • Is it that hard?

Open Wiki

  • Your team, your Business Unit, your whatever will appreciate the ability for anyone to add & subtract concepts, ideas, etc.
  • You will help the group to become more collaborative
  •  If you don’t have a wiki for your team, you aren’t setting an open and transparent team culture
  • Without a wiki, intelligence will be trapped in email and on network shared folders

Virtual World

  • As travel continues to be reduced, you set the example by having 1-1 meetings and team meetings in this space
  • Employees see they can be just as effective as face-to-face
  •  Town halls and team meetings over teleconference lines is antiquated thinking
  • You will be missing out on a way in which to demonstrate cost savings + team unity


  • You realize that a non-corporate photo, coupled with your skills/education and tidbits about your life, your hobbies and your family help connect you to the common man/woman of the org
  • You’re happy to fill out a bio for news articles and board appointments, but not a profile on your corporate collaboration system? C’mon – it’s 2010, time to connect with yer peeps
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