January 4, 2012

trainingwreck is no more … introducing ‘brave new org’

Over the Christmas break (I’m Christian, so it’s still ok to say Christmas in my books) I did some thinking in and amongst my usual stream of food, alcohol and late night debaucheries.

What am I going to be when I grow up?

In 2011, I turned 40 (documented here somewhat if you like) and perhaps it’s a mid-life blogging / career crisis, but I just didn’t think the title ‘trainingwreck’ was doing me any favours on this blog site.

Clever, maybe, but the term ‘trainingwreck’ pigeonholes me in terms of what I write about, and what I believe in. It might even prevent future opportunities.

Maybe it was way too many “The Gold, The Bad and The Ugly” martinis, but I digress.

So, if you can believe it, whilst thinking about what to do next during the break amidst my holiday fogĀ … one night, I had a dream.


Not the MLK type, but a dream nonetheless.

The dream was to rename ‘trainingwreck’ to ‘brave new org’.

It was a faceless, nameless female that was yapping to me about this change during what seemed to be quiet time at some library, and when I awoke, it was as if I actually had the conversations for real.

This dream occurred on Jan 1st, 2012 and ever since, I’ve been reskinning this site to reflect ‘brave new org’ including what I think is a more vibrant look and feel.

Of course, this could be an insane waste of time if you stop visiting, reading, reacting, and contributing.

So there you have it. ‘trainingwreck’ is now defunct in favour of ‘brave new org’.

I hope you like it.

On Monday, January 9th, I’ll release my Word for 2012. Hint … it starts with an “I”.

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