November 29, 2011

The 20% Leadership Challenge

Google engineers, for some time now, have been apportioned 20% of their time to focus on things they are passionate about.

Google even makes mention of it in their job descriptions.

It’s time for leaders, particularly senior leaders, to introduce this concept into their leadership workflow. 20111129-170140.jpg
But, there is a slight twist.

I’m not proposing leaders spend 20% of their time to focus on things they are passionate about.

No, that would be too easy.

The 20% Leadership Challenge … spend twenty percent of your time on a weekly basis coaching, mentoring, listening, collaborating with and helping members of your direct team as well as their direct reports.

Not in team meetings, operational check-ups or strategy sessions, but in 1-1 personal discussions.

It doesn’t have to be everybody every week.

But it has to be 20% of your time.

It’s my personal thesis that this is one of the easiest methods in which to drive engagement, which drives performance, which then drives customer satisfaction.

And if you follow this space, you’ll know what that means.

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