September 11, 2010
social learning

TedTalks, Me and You: Social Learning in Action (ie. help me)

I have the fortune of being asked to deliver a few words of inspiration, intrigue and innovation at an upcoming TedTalks event in Vancouver on October 23, 2010. (kudos to Mike Desjardins for his matchmaking and Bret Conkin and team for the invitation)

The event is tailor made for me. Billed as ‘Fast Forward Ed’, it strives to attract speakers and attendees who want to crush the archaic bastion of the classic education space and build something for the 21st century. (you know, with electricity and stuff)

Specifically, the questions to answer at the event are:

  • As the new decade unfolds, how do we prepare secondary, post-secondary and lifelong learners for a world moving at breakneck speed?
  • What are skills needed by industry vs. skills being taught?
  • Who are the innovators succeeding in achieving learning in an environment of budget cuts, ESL, literacy challenges and wired kids?
  • What is the optimal use of technology in the classroom?

They had me at hello.

In the spirit of true social learning, I’m asking you for your opinion.

Sure, I’ve got mine … but that’s one voice (and only one crazy mind) so this forum is an opportunity for you to surface your issues, your pain points, your thoughts, your success stories, your ideas and I’ll see if I can weave them into the 18-minute or less soliloquy on stage.

That’s social learning in action.

I hope to hear from you. I promise to dialogue back in this space as well.

Coming Soon!

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