July 31, 2022

My Summer 2022 Playlist

If there is one thing that I continue to secretly hold out hope for, it’s for someone to hire me as a DJ of some sort. 

I’d take a kid’s backyard birthday party. Maybe even the DJ of elevator rides. 

Here are some of the tracks I have been listening to quite a lot in the summer of 2022, our third Covid summer. These songs are driving my family crazy, mostly because I’m spinning some of them twice or three times a day. 

Of note, all songs had to have been released in 2022. 

There are two caveats to report. First, Spoon released an album in 2021 but then issued some “Wild” remixes in 2022. One caught my attention. It’s stellar. 

And the other is a 30+-year-old track. Huh? It’s a live cut from the Tragically Hip, finally officially released on vinyl this year. No more bootleg for me. #killerwhaletank (They made it one word.)

Other stellar entries come from the likes of Mt. Joy, Mondo Cozmo, Metric, P!nk, the Record Company, the Smile, and Death Cab for Cutie. 


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