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Work-Life Bloom: How to Nurture a Team That Flourishes is Dan Pontefract’s fifth book. In it, he details 12 work-life factors that can help people to flourish in both work and life.

To help write the book, Dan conducted global research to assess how team members and leaders from around the world viewed the 12 work-life factors that make up the Work-Life Bloom model. The resulting logic determined if somebody was one of four Work-Life Personas: blooming, budding, stunted, or in need of renewal.

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Lead. Care. Win. How to Become a Leader Who Matters is Dan Pontefract’s fourth book. In it, he details nine leadership lessons that–when used together–will help leaders become someone who truly matters to their team members and even others.

Each of the nine lessons found within the book also comes with a leadership quiz to assess how you currently might be handling that particular leadership behaviour.

As a bonus, each lesson also contains a curated list of books, articles, quotes, poems, heroes, and even music playlists. All of it is free!

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During the pandemic lockdown, I decided to share as much as I could about remote leadership, remote teams, and being a remote team member.

After all, I’ve been working from home and leading teams remotely since 2002. That’s a long time!

There are two toolkits, targeted at two audiences: leaders and team members.

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