October 22, 2014

O Canada My Canada

O Canada My Canada


The wind blew my kind ashore, but the native maples were here long before.

We are the settlers of settlements, the villagers of villages.

That is what we are.

Canada … a village of settlements; a nation.

Lower and Upper.

West and East.

North and South.

French and English.

Indigenous and immigrant.

Don’t be mistaken, for we do not settle.

We do not bend.

Our land is glorious and free.

You cannot scare away the villagers from our home and native land.

We will never settle.

We will never bend.

These villagers are bred and bleed to stand on guard for thee.

To you from failing hands we will burn the torch brighter.

For we are the villagers and the settlers of the villages and the settlements of this great land called Canada.

True patriot love.


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