March 27, 2011
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iTunesU Could Be So Much More (Part 2 of 2)

This is the follow-up to Part 1.

Found below are two screen shots from iTunesU littered with additional thoughts from yours truly concerning how the platform could become a more collaborative and useful (social) learning portal.

There are so many other opportunties to explore including the use of ‘Learning Apps’ that could tie directly into the iTunesU portal. Those would obviously be used on your mobile iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Associations could also tie into the platform and link public or private accreditations to the ecosystem. (Eg. PMI could host their PMBOK and PMP credential within iTunesU … but the experience could be so much richer if iTunesU enhancements were made)

This would be such an interesting project to tackle.

(click each to see full-screen version)




One Reply to “iTunesU Could Be So Much More (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. Seriously, I do agree with most of the comments found on your two figures. iTunes U could be so much more education focused on the Mac. As much as it can be on the iPad application. Still I’d like to use it properly and knowing where this course is placed in the course program could be a great tool. Prerequesite and follow-up could be nice.

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