January 15, 2016

In Victim

In Victim


Each day I sit cloaked in a fear,
‘They’ steal the light from everywhere.
Inveterate greed crystal clear,
My soul seeks those who choose to care.

Unhinged by the profit plasma
I wonder, ‘Is it time to cry?’
Ruthless are ‘they’, a blood villa:
Pernicious minds built to deny.

Prodigious pluckiness come to!
Despite ‘their’ entrenched and vile way
Hope springs meaning for me, for you
And we must act without delay.

Fear not new day, I am not late
To true purpose, love, life or role.
“I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.”*


* With my utmost respect to William Ernest Henley.

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