December 31, 2014

In 2015, Will I …

2015In 2015, Will I …

  • Publish the next book?
    • Well, it was written (twice) in 2015 but not published.
  • Grow as a father to ‘let some things go‘?
    • I give myself a B grade on this one.
  • Become less intense?
    • Also a B grade.
  • (finally) Run >10km in one go again?
    • I did it! But Achilles’ tendon troubles continue.
  • Cycle >5000km?
    • Accomplished.
  • Celebrate 20 years of marriage (on July 1) in style?
    • Big party in Victoria and family trip to San Diego.
  • Overachieve on the expectations of TELUS Transformation Office?
    • I believe expectations were met, not overachieved.
  • Receive >50,000 views at Forbes?
    • Accomplished.
  • Write >50 ‘thought leadership’ pieces for various outlets?
    • Accomplished.
  • Stop using the term ‘thought leadership‘?
    • Ha! I may have erred on a few occasions.
  • Visit three major cities I’ve never been to before?
    • Copenhagen, Melbourne and San Diego.
  • Spend more than three weeks in Ontario?
    • Not accomplished.
  • Decide (with Denise) a proper 10-year plan?
    • Does a five year plan count?
  • Be asked to speak at >20 events?
    • Accomplished. Thanks to those who asked me to speak, and who were in the audience.
  • “Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day” (© Brian Reid)
    • Mostly. I still have a ways to go.

Updated: December 23, 2015.


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