How TELUS Engages Employees Through Pervasive Learning

SAP was kind enough to interview me and produce a case study related to the Pervasive Learning model at TELUS, and its alignment to culture and employee engagement.

As I state in the report,

“Engagement is a multifaceted strategy. It shouldn’t be treated as a silo, as a separate line item. You can’t engage your people if you’re just yelling at them in a classroom to do better on a test. If you include learning as part of your holistic approach to your organizational culture, I think you will be in a much better spot.”

SAP_case_studyChristopher Koch, Editorial Director of the SAP Center for Business Insight, also wrote a post on LinkedIn touching on parts of the case study.

You can download a copy of the case study by clicking here or on the graphic to the right.

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One comment on “How TELUS Engages Employees Through Pervasive Learning”

  1. This was really interesting – thank you.
    Am I able to find out more about the 90 day Telus Passport for new hires? What does it involve and what are the stats for follow up engagement? Is that possible?

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