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Friday Fun: You Don't Have an Office? | dan pontefract
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Friday Fun: You Don’t Have an Office?

Friday Fun: You Don’t Have an Office?

Reporter: Mr. Pontefract, I understand you recently crossed the decade mark of not having an office. Is this true?

dp: Is bald the new black?

Reporter: Ok, ummm. sure. Why haven’t you used an office over the past 10 years?

dp: Offices get in the way. I like to mingle. I like the freedom. I like the change.

Reporter: Where do you put your photos, degrees and certificates?

dp: Seriously?

Reporter: Alright, how do you hold private meetings?

dp: There are these things called ‘meeting rooms‘. I use my fingers to book them when necessary.

Reporter: Do you get tired of hoteling stations, moving around and not being in one place all the time?

dp: If you truly are going to be collaborative, adopting a mobile working strategy is helpful. I like to think of my lack of an office as a cause for celebration. I work from home on occasion as well. Maybe someone will give me a new laptop bag for 10 years of being office-less.

Reporter: We don’t have any budget.

dp: Typical.

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