Friday Fun: The Difference b/t Apple & Microsoft Is …

… clocks.

It’s a tad important to know the time. Well … unless of course you believe being punctual is poisonous, but that’s a post for another day.

If you own an iOS device like an iPad and you travel, like me, you may not have noticed that when you step off the plane in a different timezone, malnourished and groggy, the second you connect yourself to wifi … presto, your iPad’s clock is updated. (sorry gals, not your biological one)

When I plug in my (somewhat) archaic Dell laptop powered by Windows 7 and connect to overpriced hotel wifi, my laptop still thinks I’m in the land of Pacific orca whales.

One small point which I’m sure will be mitigated in Windows 8.



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One comment on “Friday Fun: The Difference b/t Apple & Microsoft Is …”

  1. Except that my Macbook (MacOS instead of iOS) doesn’t know what time zone it is in. Very confusing.

    And most mobile phones have had the capability to change time zone for you – though I recall my pre-Apple phone having a lot of trouble understanding what it meant to change time zones….

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