March 16, 2012

Friday Fun: Meet Gump Shun

Gump’s a trailblazer.

He’s willing and able. He’s got pizazz. He doesn’t mind being open and sharing; some call it bravado, I call it courage.

Mr. Shun wasn’t always this way.

He had to work at it.

Being collaborative wasn’t his thing in the old days. He knew no different. He did what they all did; command and control was where it was at.

But along came a revelation.

Maybe“, he said to himself one day, “I could be the opposite of those people. Maybe I could ask for their opinion instead of simply giving mine.

It had moxie. It was brave. It demonstrated mettle.

And so, Mr. Shun became who he is today. A collaborative, open leader, not afraid to ask before executing.

Gump was now the new breed.

But, in retrospect, it did take a little gumption.


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