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Friday Fun: All That Jazz | dan pontefract
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Friday Fun: All That Jazz

Friday Fun: All That Jazz

Imagine for a minute, if you will, a Dad entering the en suite bathroom to find his girls in the bath.

Nothing out of the ordinary if your girls are 9 and 5.

But imagine if your girls have propped up an iPad on the counter and are listening to jazz.

When you ask, “why are you listening to jazz” and the response is, “Dad, it’s relaxing, calming and like a spa” … do you:

    • Smile, like a proud father?
    • Wonder if their mother has actually taken them to a spa before?
    • Beam because they’ve brought an iPad into the bathroom to play jazz music?
    • Back away slowly hoping you’re not in the wrong house?
    • Fully expect an asteroid to hit you because your good fortune is up?


  • Dan Pontefract / 7 April 2012 10:37

    I’ve been corrected … it’s also ‘soothing’. Ahh, the joys of fatherhood.

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