November 15, 2013
flat army

Flat Army on the Back of a (Digital) Napkin

When I’m writing material for a book, and specifically when I’m using an iPad, I normally find myself mainly in Evernote typing away … but because I like to sketch things out as well I also spend some time on an app called Bamboo Paper.

Think of the app as a digital sketch pad or whiteboard where you can use your finger or a stylus to draw, doodle or sketch the coolest stick figures ever.

Maybe that’s simply the extent of my artistic abilities, but I digress.

I use Bamboo Paper enough that there are over 150 pages of scribbles, diagrams, word messes and so on.

After a stroll through night-time Vienna, I returned to the hotel and began writing.

Yet again, I found myself in Bamboo Paper scribbling and ideating away when I fell into the procrastination pit — more so now since I’m writing this post instead of a book — and I began scrolling through the various drawings, etc. I made for Flat Army.

Interestingly, I forgot I had mapped out the entire book early on in the writing process … on a single page!

Here it is for your amusement:


2 Replies to “Flat Army on the Back of a (Digital) Napkin”

  1. Dan,
    Like this post….similarly, I have also penned or scribbled notes/small visuals when pondering a new topic or creating key points for a key note presentation. While I normally sketch on large poster paper, I find that many ideas come to me while sitting in an airport waiting for a flight to board…..I have kept all my “scribbles” and hope that I will find a place for some of them, when (if ever) I write a book, insert some of them for folks to SEE how a piece of paper/napkin and a pen can help show their AHA moments.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Leslie-Ann Miller

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