July 23, 2009
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Do Training Vendors Get It?

The economy has stabilized, but we’re not exactly jumping for joy yet.

As a self-professed leader in the learning space, I wonder (like Tony Karrer has wondered) what will become of so-called training vendors … whether the economy is rebounding or not. Tony’s recent leadership to organize a LearnTrends event was fabulous (The Future Of The Business Of Learning); below are my own personal thoughts of what those vendors should be thinking about. I ask then, ‘do training vendors get it?’

Problem #1

  • Few training vendors are actually evolving to become learning 2.0  & web 2.0 savvy


  • Evolve! Formal courses are fine, but we need a holistic package of 2.0 opportunities, processes, models and out of the box thinking. (see Peck Training Group for an example)

Problem #2

  • Converting ILT is not a value proposition


  • Cold calling and suggesting you can turn my ILT courses into eLearning is not enough. How can those courses be turned into  a formal-informal-social experience? (see Jane Bozarth for further thoughts)

Problem #3

  • Your business model is flawed.


  • Sending catalogues of formal ILT and eLearning courses is not enough. You need to think through how you might provide offsite/onsite, virtual/in-person personnel that act as ambassadors of the learning 2.0 model inside the organization. It’s not solely about content – it’s about providing an extension to the mission, and addressing some of the new roles we need for generation ‘next org’ type of thinking.

Oh, and please stop with the long-winded cold-call emails. This does nothing for your credibility.

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