September 30, 2018

Dan Pontefract September 2018 Playlist

I was fortunate to publish my third book, OPEN TO THINK, in the month of September. Having been on the road for five consecutive weeks (since the end of August), I went through a lot of music.

By the end of the month, my excitement for the new book waned somewhat.

Book launches are difficult in this day and age of distractions and noise. It is far more difficult to penetrate the attention span of people than ever before.

Having released two previous books, I thought this one might have a deeper impact at the launch. The jury is still out of course, but I suppose like with any author I hoped to have seen a larger response with the book right after the book launch.

Perhaps that is still to come.

Perhaps the “slow burn” will indeed occur.

From a music playlist perspective, the songs found below are those that helped me reflect and remain contemplative.


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