June 20, 2019

Dan Pontefract June 2019 Playlist (for myself, it’s my birthday!)

I am in the midst of a social media break. It’s so weird.

Ever since Twitter, Facebook and its ilk came into the picture more than a decade ago I have immersed myself into social media. No complaints. It has opened up so many doors, increased my knowledge exponentially, and introduced me to a swath of awesome people.

But, in order to effectively write my 4th book (dedicated to better leadership) and to spend more time with the family, I decided to abstain from social media until September.

It’s weird, for certain. But that hasn’t stopped me from writing, nor has it prevented me from listening to music.

Which brings me to this post. Today, I turn 48 years old. I’m not looking for birthday wishes, but I did want to put something out there.

I feel as though my best days are still ahead of me. Ironically, it is the music from days past that fuels my future thinking.


My June 2019 playlist is a selfish one. It’s a list of songs that I seem to keep coming back to when I’m in a moment of reflection, of contemplation.

I’m in just that moment, as I turn 48 and as I carve out another book.

As for the photo? That’s what I looked like 30 years ago as an 18-year old. I guess I was into Durango coolers. (Don’t judge me.)

Click here to be taken directly to the playlist.

Note: every month, author and leadership strategist Dan Pontefract curates a music playlist. Usually, there is a theme. Dan has always wanted to be a music DJ, so this is his thinly veiled attempt at accomplishing that lifelong goal. If you have any “songs” you’d like to see recognized, send him a note. As an aside, he took over as the DJ from his own wedding in 1995 because he didn’t think there were enough people dancing. Things changed rather dramatically when he took the stage.

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