January 16, 2019

Dan Pontefract January 2019 Playlist (homage to Peaky Blinders)

I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally sat down and began watching Peaky Blinders, the epic family gangster series from BBC set in post-WWI Birmingham, England.

It. Is. Fab.

I’m just about to watch season four. Don’t spoil it for me.

The series got me thinking about my love for hard, guitar-laced and somewhat dark indie music. The series also contains softer, reflective music, poetic in its symbolism with the show’s plot and characters.

Peaky Blinders is chock full of excellent music. Each episode is a testament to the importance of curation.

My first playlist in 2019 is dedicated to this brilliant series and the people who have put together the music.

Of the ten songs in this playlist, there are three taken directly from the Peaky Blinders series. You’ll just have to guess which ones they are! As for the other seven, I humbly suggest that they could play a part in a future season. 😉



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