Calling Frederic Laloux Of Reinventing Organizations

Laloux Frederic31 May, 2015

Dear Frederic,

I read your book, Reinventing Organizations.

First off, congratulations on becoming a published author.

I’m wondering if you’ve read my first one, FLAT ARMY?

Regardless, there are parts of your book I rather enjoyed. But when I came up against ‘Teal‘, I began having my doubts. Particularly as it relates to … well, a lot that has to do with Teal. Its implementation and feasibility in medium and large-sized organizations is of concern to me, so I’d love to understand how it can actually be achieved. (I consider Zappos rather small, at ~1500 employees – and I don’t think ‘Operation Teal’ is fully implemented yet)

I won’t belabor this letter to you, but I’d like to propose a public debate.

Let’s openly (and publicly) debate #ReinventingOrganizations and #FlatArmy. I’ll take the Flat Army angle, and you can defend ‘Teal‘.

I’ll be in Vienna, 5-7 November, 2015, so perhaps we can do it live and in person. (we’ll arrange for someone to record it so others might enjoy in the festivities)

If not, let’s figure out a date and place where this can happen. I understand you don’t travel much, but given I’m based in British Columbia, Canada … I thought we might make it happen whilst I’m in Europe. (Unfortunately, I won’t be back again in Europe until 2016)

I look forward to your response.





Dan Pontefract

Author of FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization and the forthcoming book, DUAL PURPOSE: Redefining the Meaning of Work.


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2 comments on “Calling Frederic Laloux Of Reinventing Organizations”

  1. Dan, indeed I travel little. Perhaps we can do this online? I’m personally not really in the debating business, where we defend our positions. I’m much more interested to ask questions and to learn. A great conversation for me would be one where I’ve learned something and see things differently or from a higher vantage point. Let’s talk in November to see if we feel like setting up something like this. For the moment I feel overwhelmed and don’t want to make any commitments, but hopefully by then things will clear up. Congrats on your next book!

    1. Thanks for the (public) reply Frederic. Much appreciated.

      Ok, then … I’ll await your response. I too look forward to the Q&A conversation and learning from you. Ancora Imparo.

      You can reach me privately at dp at danpontefract dot com should you wish to schedule our conversation in November or otherwise.

      All the best,

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