Dan Pontefract combines years of experience and research on employee engagement, behavior and culture to create a work about the three crucial areas of purpose: personal, organizational and workplace role.

If all three can come to fruition–if there is a positive interconnection between the three distinct definitions of purpose–the benefits should be felt by employees, teams, the organization, customers, and perhaps most importantly, society as a whole.

We can refer to this balanced state as the “sweet spot.” When one area is lacking or ignored the results range from disengagement, apathy, lack of growth and even bankruptcy.

The Purpose Effect is aimed at both leaders and employees who wish to achieve a purpose mindset on a personal level, for the organization where they are employed and in their role at work, too.

A business leader that is committed to purpose will create purpose for the organization. An employee that feels his/her personal sense of purpose is being fulfilled at work will be an invaluable asset to productivity and success.

An organization centered on purpose will benefit every stakeholder, from employees to society in general. This “sweet spot” of purpose creates a reciprocal relationship between all three areas, and sits at the center of Pontefract’s work.

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A compelling thesis on how purpose can drive not only personal fulfillment but also lead to more stable, cohesive and higher performing organisations. The Purpose Effect is a must read for any who doubt the impact of purpose on organisational stability and performance.

Purpose has never been more important in the world. If the workplace is truly going to be 100% human, it has to start with purpose, for individuals and for the organisation. Dan Pontefract takes you on a journey on how to make this a reality for yourself and your organisation.

Dan Pontefract brings us back to the principles of purpose.The Purpose Effect helps professionals and leaders from all sectors know how to connect the dots between purpose and positive results.

As the sense of meaning in the corporate world continues to plummet, the shortage of clear and comprehensive thinking on solutions has become acute. Dan Pontefract rides to the rescue with The Purpose Effect, providing a well-argued and detailed framework for organizations and their people to find and maintain their purpose ‘sweet spot.

Purpose mobilizes people in a way that profits alone never will. Dan Pontefract’s The Purpose Effect shows why and how, lifting the discussion of this crucial ingredient to a whole new level of clarity.

With The Purpose Effect, Dan Pontefract addresses a key organizational and human challenge for today’s leaders. As Peter Drucker noted already in his early writings on management, the purpose and meaning that organizations convey are not only essential for economic performance but represent a key contribution to the coherence of society.

Dan Pontefract provides a powerful framework to make work deeply fulfilling and productive for the most valuable members of the workforce, those that are purpose-oriented.

The Purpose Effect should become a go-to resource for all leaders who want to drive a purposeful and meaningful organizational culture. The ever-changing workplace demands direction for how to encourage people to live out their purpose; this book explains how to do so in a way that positively impacts the individual, workplace and overall organization.


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