Announcing the Full Book Cover Jacket of Flat Army

When I was in discussions with my executive editor about the Flat Army cover, it took a nano-second for me to sign off on the first iteration from the Wiley art department. I’m biased, but I think it looks fantastic.

After the front cover was sorted out, it was time for me to talk about my wishes for the back cover.

Perhaps I’m na├»ve as a first-time author, but I insisted that there be no ‘special’ quotations from other authors or industry leaders on the back cover. When I interviewed Henry Mintzberg for the book he was quick to point out that he would not be providing a quotation for the back cover.

“Fine with me,” I said to Mr. Mintzberg. I don’t think they have a part in today’s publishing world either.


Let’s say I did ask Mr. Mintzberg to pen a few words about Flat Army and/or Dan Pontefract. If he agreed to do it, he’d be forced to write something nice, wouldn’t he? (and we had literally just met)

What if I asked other colleagues/friends like Marcia Conner or Chuck Hamilton or Lang Davison or Mark Fidelman or Gautam Ghosh … wouldn’t they be compelled to write something nice as well?

I didn’t want to put quotations on the back cover because it smacks of elitism. Sure, I may not sell as many books due to the decision, but Flat Army is about being, well … flat … and having a few highly recognizable names on the back cover seems antithetical to the intent of the book.

Instead, I defined flat, army and flat army and I’ll let my words speak for the book as opposed to those of anyone else.


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