February 20, 2013

An Infographic Depicting Learning & Collaboration in Action

TELUS_ENSome of you know I actually have a ‘real job’ where each and every day I get to work with great people and turn ideas into action. That role sees me employed by TELUS; an organization that was recently inducted into Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures Hall of Fame. Yes, I’m a lucky lad.

My buddy Sameer Patel called me a ‘practicing futurist‘ over lunch a few weeks ago in Palo Alto. At first I laughed, but since then the term has been rattling around in my brain somewhat incessantly.

I suppose it’s true. By way of example, at TELUS, we put together an infographic showcasing four years of change as it relates to our learning and collaboration strategy. We’ve released the infographic on our newly minted corporate blog and it’s pasted below for you to view as well. (that’s right, we have an external blog where we write about things like culture, our community efforts, etc.)

What does all of this mean?

If you and your team are empowered to innovate, to boldly create what others may not, to inspire and to dream … all the while aligning to the corporate goals and objectives, you too may be able to become a ‘practicing futurist’. I know that I’m engaged and it’s because we’ve been able to accomplish the goals you see on the infographic below.

Click on the graphic to see it in full-screen.


13 Replies to “An Infographic Depicting Learning & Collaboration in Action”

  1. Great post Dan. We Do have a very strong ( connected) learning culture at TELUS… thanks to gutsy leaders, who first of all know how to, and are not afraid innovate, they do pave the way for others to do just the same. Taking risks is also part of learning… and more and more folks are stepping up in this domain.

  2. Great post !! Curious how you managed to drive content creation as part of the learning exercise in terms of videos and wikis by the learners ? Or did I misunderstand and these assets were created by the “L&D” team.
    Thanks !

  3. Loved every second of it Dan! I do wonder about the piece re: performance… are your systems integrated to allow for a unified talent management strategy, or are you tracking performance/engagement/retention separately to tie back into the learning metrics.

    Thanks for consistently producing engaging material,

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