May 22, 2010
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A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

Perhaps prescient Churchill was not only referring to Russia, but the pending organizational cultural shift that beckons today’s companies and institutions.

Perhaps the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma can be thought of as the relationship between leadership, org structure, learning and Enterprise 2.0. The riddle is that the components are inextricably linked.

Grow up. Deal with it.

Those of you on the learning side of the house need to embrace and understand the technology and leadership implications. Those of you solely focusing on leadership, need to see how learning and technology are key to the puzzle. And those that think it’s only a technology solution, fail to see that it’s the leadership, learning and org structure components that make the technology useable in the first place.

On May 8, 2010, I wrote about “The Holy Trinity: Leadership Framework, Learning 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0“. There was also some great dialogue between myself, Harold Jarche, Jon Husband and Thomas Stone.

I’ve recently realized, however, that in addition to my professional network (Harold, Jon, Thomas and many more) there are/were four books that helped me unravel the riddle, mystery and the enigma. Perhaps they too could help you in your quest for an organizational culture shift; an org that becomes more efficient and effective in the many facets of operating in the year 2010 and beyond, and that includes the contrivances I point out above.

I share with you now the four books (when put together) that could assist you in your thinking; how, when you combine the new org structure, leadership practice, Learning 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 components, you will create a more productive, engaging and connected workforce:

Book Author(s) Focus/Impact Other
Future of Work: How the New Order of Business Will Shape Your Organization, Your Management Style, and Your Life

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Thomas Malone Org Structures

  • Describing not only four 2.0 type of org structures, Malone helps define how we can shift from shift from “command-and-control” management to a “coordinate-and-cultivate” culture
  • This can assist you to think through how the other 3 components will be affected by the degree of decentralization/heterarchy you put in place in your org

The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media

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Marcia ConnerTony Bingham Social Learning / Learning 2.0

  • How will social learning not only transform the way in which learning occurs in your organization, but how it can improve culture, connection and time to market
  • Provides excellent examples and insightful evidence that Learning 2.0 (and social learning specifically) helps connect the 2.0 culture dots inside your org of tomorrow

Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead

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Charlene Li Leadership

  • Very specifically, this book outlines how 2.0 technologies will assist leaders to become more holistic leaders in a 2.0 world; mapping clearly to the other three components.
  • The four ‘archetypes’ of open leadership that are presented (realist optimist, fearful sceptic, cautious tester and transparent evangelist) help you understand where leaders may be today, and how it could impact the org tomorrow.

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Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for your Organization’s Toughest Challenges Buy Here Andrew McAfee Enterprise 2.0

  • Definition of Enterprise 2.0, E2.0 tools, and ways in which to implement; the book takes you on a journey through case studies and also provides ‘Six Organizational E2.0 Strategies’ to contemplate or adopt
  • Although it doesn’t explicitly speak to leadership, social learning or org structure, it grounds you with the technologies, and operational/business benefits … necessary and synchronous with the other 3 components mentioned above

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Clearly there are other books out there, but when combining the four I describe above together, I believe you have a very solid recipe and start towards unravelling your riddle, mystery and enigma.

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