October 2, 2016
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650,000 Words Later

A rough count of the number of words I have written and made publicly available since 2007 sits at ~650,000 words … between books, articles, posts and essays.

CC Dan Allison

I had not thought to count them before.
Sometimes I wonder if those words are actually making a difference. Are they even supposed to make a difference?
Some argue writers ought to write for themselves. I’m not sure if I agree with that. I write so I can learn–trying to become a better autodidact during the writing process–but on the other hand, I *publish* what I write to hopefully help others.
If I don’t publish the words I am merely learning. If I am not sharing the words I am solely an autodidact. But when I publish I become both an autodidact and a teacher.
Maybe that’s the key.
The question is, am I a good enough autodidact to be a worthy teacher?
Maybe that’s a question for all of us. Are we both an autodidact and a teacher?
Can I become a better writer, teacher and thus autodidact?
I hope I can write another 650,000 words.

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