December 6, 2010
year in review

2010 Thanks and Spanks via Dan Pontefract

If you are in fact a believer and practitioner of a new open & collaborative Leadership Style, utilize Enterprise 2.0 (or Web 2.0) technologies and at all times entrust yourself to a Learning 2.0 paradigm, you are the syrup to any plate of pancakes.

Sure, we need those carbohydrates, but without that syrup, the pancakes taste more like cardboard, are a little rigid, and definitely are harder to enjoy.

This entry is entitled “2010 Thanks and Spanks”.

It is dedicated to those external people, outside of where I work in no particular order, and over the course of 2010 that have directly helped me in my efforts, my learning, my network, my leadership or whom have demonstrated the three legs of the new cultural stool. (Leadership, Enterprise 2.0, Learning 2.0)

The ‘spanks’ are some of my opinions concerning issues that still need to be addressed in 2011.


Chuck Hamilton We’ll figure it out, don’t worry. Your ideas are five steps ahead of most people.
Bert Sandie Love being able to chat about equal issues; keep making it candid.
Jon Husband Your emails, conversations and links you send are very much appreciated.
George Siemens I agree with most of what you write/think/speak about – it’s what’s next with us where I’m more excited.
Holly MacDonald Love ‘Spark and Co’; thanks for online dialogue and PeopleTalk magazine ask
Jay Cross Keep pushing me, it’s appreciated; co-present in 2011 somewhere?
Gordon Ross Great chats in 2010, looking for more in 2011. Appreciate invite to speak with Bert at SISV.
Marcia Conner What to say? Mentor, coach and friend. And to boot, a profile of me in the New Social Learning book. Wow!
Charles Jennings Thanks for the online discussion, and the brilliant quote for upcoming CLO Mag missive.
Gina Rosenthal (Minks) Other than wanting to spend more time with you, insights & opinions of yours are well regarded by me.
JP Rangaswami Confused of Calcutta keeps me intellectually stimulated as does other exchanges.
Mike Desjardins Thanks for the introduction to Bret Conkin; without it, probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity for Ted Talks.
Bret Conkin The drive you displayed for the TEDxUBC showcase was fabulous; thanks for letting me partake.
Christian Finn Thanks for various speaking opportunities in 2010. Looking forward to those in 2011 as well.
Jane Hart Love learning from you via your site. Appreciate the recognition you have provided me there too.
John Ambrose You continue to connect me to others, and during our breakfast chats, we’re mutually learning. Love it!
Susan Scrupski Thanks for keeping the 2.0 Adoption Council initiatives afloat. Also, your connecting me to others – thoughtful.
Karie Willyerd Great in-person and online dialogue this year; appreciate the quote for upcoming CLO Mag missive too
Dion Hinchcliffe Excellent discussions in 2010 & thanks for forwarding on Org Structure of Enterprise 2.0
Harold Jarche What can I say? You’re blunt and to the point, but that’s how I learn from you. Thanks for blog nods too.
David Mallon I’ve really enjoyed our discussions, and the opportunity to present with you. Looking forward to 2011 session as well.
Jeanne Meister The Social Learning Bootcamp in New York was excellent. Thanks for letting me present & learn from others.
Stephen Lamb As always, great, pertinent and timely discussions regarding future of education. Thanks for being real.
Andrew McAfee Great 1-1 discussion at Boston E2. Conference. Thanks for the advice and offer to assist me.
Jon Ingham We seem to be cut from the same cloth; good learning from you in 2010 & looking forward to 2011 presentations
Dave Wilkins Our LMS battle is a lot of fun; I’ve learned, hopefully you’ve learned … you should write/blog more though.
Tony Karrer Thanks for referencing various pieces of mine, and for continuing the work on your own initiatives.
J. Keith Dunbar Your positivity and feedback to me are very much appreciated.
CLO Magazine For the “Vanguard Award” in 2010 that I won
IQPC For Corporate University Best in Class “Leader of the Year” Award in 2010 you bestowed upon me
To You – The Reader By last count, there were over 130,000 views per month on this site; that’s a lot of eyeballs, so my sincere thanks to ‘you’ for taking the time to read and dialogue with me on this journey. It is truly appreciated.

I know I’ve missed a load of other people who have contributed to my learning, network, discussion on this site, and so forth, but I intended no disrespect by not recognizing you here in this space.


Chief Learning Officers Through my travels, reading, research and general conduct in 2010, I saw ‘some’ progress with CLO’s but not enough. This entire division needs to dramatically improve their use of social media, social learning and Enterprise 2.0 acumen to help the organizations of today and tomorrow.
Training Departments Evolve. You are risking extinction.
Chief Information Officers The shiny objects found within Social Business, Collaboration. Enterprise 2.0 and other hashtags or definitions are, for the most part, yours for the taking … but there are few of you (that I am aware of) that are linking the implementation of said tools to help the culture of the org, the leadership framework of the org, and ultimately, the link to performance and engagement.
Enterprise 2.0 Conference Hello team. Although there are some topics related to leadership, learning and culture found within the agendas of the two 2010 events … it’s time to create a ‘Culture’ track itself. (link it to leadership and learning as well and just call it the Organizational Culture). This demonstrates you ‘get it’ and it’s not simply going to turn into a features and function conference of collaboration technologies.
FourSquare I just don’t get it … yet.
Facebook/Twitter linkage For those that link their Twitter updates to Facebook – please stop. I liken Twitter to a social learning tool and Facebook to a smut house of friend updates; crossing the chasm is not a good thing in my humble opinion.
LinkedIn Although I do like your service, when people link their Twitter updates to the LinkedIn status updates, for those that ‘tweet’ a lot (or too much) it clogs the purpose of LinkedIn status updates. Can you find a way for us LinkedIn users to drop Twitter updates from the main page ‘activity’ feed, whilst not dropping the contact itself?

Happy Holidays All. See you in the New Year for my hopes and wishes for 2011.

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