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Lo-Tech Talk #3: Organizational Purpose | dan pontefract
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Lo-Tech Talk #3: Organizational Purpose

Lo-Tech Talk #3: Organizational Purpose

PurposeEffect_3DThis “lo-tech talk” is aimed at those who seek to create an organization that serves all stakeholders.

In the video, I discuss the “Good DEEDS”, a 5-stage model that can help organizations create a higher sense of purpose in its mission and actions.

I argue that the purpose of an organization ought to be to “provide service to benefit all intended stakeholders.” With a workforce that has discovered a sense of purpose in life—complimented by purpose in their role at work—the sweet spot for the organization can be achieved if the Good DEEDS concept is implemented.

Examples and strategies to bring Organizational Purpose to fruition are found in detail in my new book, THE PURPOSE EFFECT.

The video is 5:38 in length.

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