October 17, 2020

Yesterday I Did Three Things For The Very First Time…

Yesterday, I did three things I’ve never done before. 1) I voted by mail. 2) I got a flu shot. 3) I visited a newly opened restaurant. It reminded me of two lessons from LEAD. CARE. WIN.

When we remain curious, we’re open to learning, trying new things, and letting our minds wander.

When we embrace change, we aren’t stuck in our old ways. We endorse new habits and adapt.

I usually enjoy the physical, face-to-face presence of voting. The pandemic altered my normal practice, so I voted by mail.

I previously never saw the need for a flu shot. “I never get sick.” The pandemic altered my normal thinking, so I got a needle.

I have been reticent to eat in a restaurant since March. The pandemic altered my normal eating habits. But, I wanted to support a newly opened local restaurant, so our fam jam enjoyed a lovely meal (and indelibly tasty smoky old-fashioneds) a few blocks from our home.

How is your “remain curious” and “embrace change” quotient during the pandemic?

LEAD. CARE. WIN. isn’t solely about leading others; it’s also about leading yourself. Once you analyze your own behaviours, you might then agree that some change is necessary to remain curious and embrace change.

PS. I’m pretty excited to release a 15-hour LEAD. CARE. WIN. online learning program. Sign up below to be the first to know when it becomes officially available in early November. (There are 74 videos, activities, assessments, knowledge checks, audio files, articles, poems, and a treasure trove of bonus goodies to help you become a leader who matters.)

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