July 16, 2023
Work-Life Bloom

Work-Life BLOOM July Playlist: The Ballads of Slow and Low – Part I

I am the first to admit that I can get tear up over a song.

Play a few of them back-to-back and there is the chance for a river to form.

The Work-Life Bloom July Playlist is dedicated to our emotions, slowing down, and to reflecting on our lives.

From Gord Downie’s homage to his late grandmother in Toronto #4 with The Tragically Hip, or Regina Spektor’s haunting cover of “Real Love,” John Lennon’s love note to Yoko Ono, or Leif Vollebekk’s insightful prose in “Elegy,” songs that I call “slow and low” are true heart thinkers.

Part II is coming soon.

If I knew how to easily transfer this to Spotify, I would, but I’m an Apple Music subscriber, so hopefully, you figure it out if you’re not with Apple Music.


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