April 2, 2023
Work-Life Bloom

Work-Life BLOOM April Playlists: The Beatles & Classic ’80s 12″ Remixes Throwback (Vol 2)

As a prepubescent child and young teen, I would often lock myself away in the “sun room” of our modest home, plug in my dad’s RCA Victor Wired White Black Headphones, and escape to the sounds of The Beatles.

When no one was home, I’d ditch the headphones and play the music as loud as I could. Or at least until I got a knock at the door from Mr. Filepetto, our tomato-growing yet irascible neighbour.

My first playlist for April pays homage to those days of my youth (and my love for all things The Beatles) titled “Dan Pontefract Work-Life Bloom: The Beatles.

The second playlist, titled “Dan Pontefract Work-Life Bloom: Classic ’80s 12″ Remixes Throwback (Vol 2)” is a follow-up to a playlist released in March. As a big fan of remixes (and still wanting to be a club DJ) this is an extended list of extended 12″ remix songs from the 80s. Hard to pick a favourite but “Pump Up the Volume” simply kicks ass. (And that version of Wham’s “Everything She Wants” is far better than the album track.)

If I knew how to easily transfer this to Spotify, I would, but I’m an Apple Music subscriber, so hopefully, you figure it out if you’re not with Apple Music.


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